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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Logitech G602 is coming next month!

Logitech has unveiled a new mouse for gamers within their offers from G product line, model G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse. As the name implies, it is a wireless mouse that offers significantly greater autonomy of the battery compared to similar competitive products.

G602 for work uses two AA batteries formats in Performance mode for greater precision when playing can withstand up to 250 hours. Switching in Endurance mode for everyday use G602 provides up to 1,440 hours of operation with a pair of batteries. Built-in optical sensor has a resolution of 2,500 dpi and the company's technology, Delta Zero for greater accuracy, a dpi value can be adjusted during gameplay by pressing the dedicated key, starting with 250 dpi.

The mouse has a total of 11 programmable buttons whose actions in detail can be adjusted within the Logitech Gaming Software. Despite the wireless connection G602 has a response time of 2 milliseconds, and there are more and ergonomic design, solid craftsmanship and Teflon feet. The mouse will go on sale next month at a price of $ 80.